Download Krnl.dll File & KrnlAPI.dll File (100% Working)

Krnl.dll file is a very important file for the krnl executor to run smoothly. If you have come across any krnl error such as krnl.dll Missing or something else, don’t worry. Usually, this error occurs while trying to launch krnl after it’s installation. But for some people, it’s been an issue while installing the software. Read this guide for the solution and krnl failed to access dll file error won’t be an issue from now.

krnl dll download

What Is Krnl.dll File?

It is one of the most important files for the KRNL Executor. It will help the software to boot faster, load faster and make it work effeciently. When you don’t have krnl dll file in your program files, you can’t use the software like you used to.

On the other hand, there is one more important dll file “KrnlAPI.dll”. It is also a very crucial dll file that needs to be there in order for the software to run. If you don’t have either of them, that will be a problem for sure.

Download Krnl.dll & KrnlAPI.dll Files (Updated)

If you have already installed krnl on your pc, you might have noticed both the files. No worries even if you didn’t see it. They both are highly important and they play a very major role in executing the roblox scripts and scripts of the other games as well.



Download both the files on your pc and move them to the desktop location. Now, you have both the files with you. Let’s see what should you do now. Do you have a key? let’s check out Updated KRNL Key right away.

How To Place Krnl.dll (Or) KrnlAPI.dll Files Correctly?

Downloading them is okay for now. Do you know how to use them properly? Is it a software to install? no right?. Let’s check out the details that you may need in order to wrap up the process neatly.

krnl dll is missing

  • Go to the folder “Krnl” on your Desktop (if you have placed the destination folder of the krnl program files after installation on pc). Otherwise, visit Krnl folder which is available on “C” Drive in your pc.
  • You will see a list of folders, dll files, etc.
  • Check that list for the krnl.dll and krnlAPI.dll files carefully.
  • If you feel that the files are missing, move the downloaded files to that folder. You can copy them from the desktop and paste them in this folder.
  • In case if only one file is missing, please replace that file only; don’t repalce both.
  • Once it is done, double click “Krnl_bootstrapper” file to launch the KRNL Executor on your pc.

This is how you can actually fix “krnl.dll is missing” error. If you still can’t get a solution, we recommend you download krnl latest version and install it again from the scratch. That will definitely solve the issue for sure.

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