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Would you like to know about us? we are happy to tell you about our website and us.

About Our Blog

The website https://krnl.shop/ is a third party website where we post content and help articles regarding krnl executor, scripts, dll files, krnl keys and stuff like that. Kindly note that this is not the official website of the krnl tool and we are not associated with both krnl and roblox. All the information provided on this website is just with love and for educational purposes only.

About The Author

Hey, my name is Dan Waltz and I am from New York (NY). I am not a full time gamer but yes, I enjoy playing games such as roblox in my free time. I have developed this website with the intention to guide people regarding the tool named “KRNL”. Would you like to contact me? go to contact us page.

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Dan Waltz.